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February 24, 2020 Transcription Services

4 Ways Transcripts Are Helping Your Website

Transcription can boost your website’s SEO ranking. It’s true! When you have a podcast or other type of video on your site, embedded transcripts help your site catch the attention of search engines. The more SEO value, the more your amazing content catches the attention of people who are looking for similar content.

User Engagement

Think for a moment about your social media channels. What are you likely to interact with? Videos grab your attention.  A long posting filled with paragraphs with no breaks and overly complicated infographic information is a bit more challenging to process.

When an interesting video also has an accompanying transcript, users are more likely to engage with the content. Your viewer can refer to the direct transcript. More user engagement leads to more traffic to your website and a better bounce back rate with more search engine rankings. Also, when you can’t listen to a video or you have forgotten your AirPods, read the video rather than navigate off the page. With transcripts, it’s all good.

Content Creation

Content creation is critical for the highest possible search engine rankings. Fresh, frequently updated content helps you keep in the SEO game while promoting your company or service. Transcripts are content! The inclusion of transcripts on your website that accompany your audio and video files creates more content and is search engine favorable.

Keyword Ranking

Written content created on your website will be connected to the keywords for search engine ranking. Videos will also use those same keywords. When you have a transcript that accompanies the video, the content is further helping boost rankings for those terms. Transcription companies that specialize in audio and video files are the best at helping your site capture the highest impact from keyword ranking.

Indexing Video and Audio

For accessibility standards, having transcription and closed-captioning options on your audio and video files is necessary. Added benefits are that transcripts boost your search engine ranking by allowing Google’s bots to crawl your website and index your content. Text that accompanies video files means videos will appear in user searches, therefore increasing your inbound traffic.

So what are you waiting for? Upload that video and then connect with our team. We’ll have you at the top of your industry with the use of our stellar transcription services in no time.

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