Be a Transcriber
at Focus Forward

Fast, Accurate, &
Triple Secure

Fast, accurate, and triple secure, we create transcription solutions for every industry and we work on any timeline.

Leaders in the transcription industry for over 15 years, we
have successfully transcribed over 25 million minutes for
our happy clients.

From standard solutions to complex creations, we
partner with your team for your individual project or
ongoing transcription needs.

Four Easy Steps to Work From Home




Take Test


Upload Completed Test


48 Hours & You Know

As an Independent Contractor, you choose the days per week and hours of the day you work, from any country in the world! We provide an online scheduling tool which makes it easy to share your availability and for us to offer assignments to you. We are excited for your interest in becoming an independent contractor with our team.

The more you work you complete, the more chances you will receive to participate in higher-paying assignments! How can you resist?

To apply and see if you are qualified to be a transcriber it only takes four steps.

  • Download the instructions and transcription program
  • Download the audio file test to be transcribed
  • Begin the transcription test and check it twice!
  • Fill out the application form and upload your test

We will review your application and give you an answer within 48 hours of receipt of the test. Good luck!

Questions? Check our FAQ or email