From straight audio to video, we have you covered.
Our industry specialists zero in on the exact nuances of each type of transcript.
Experience all the types of transcripts where our industry professionals excel.

  • Marketing Research Transcription

    Marketing Research

    Market research transcription is an important part of a research study. With so many facets to each project, let us make it simple for you.

  • Medical Transcription


    Our US-based medical transcribers have years of experience in delivering fast and accurate transcripts for pharmaceutical research.

  • Legal Transcription


    We provide accurate, cost effective transcripts for mock juries, wire taps, depositions, and court tapes.

  • Business Transcription


    From meetings to conference calls to seminars and training sessions, we offer several formats and prices allowing you to budget your project.

  • Academic Transcription


    We provide fast, cost effective transcripts for lectures, podcasts, flip/inverted teaching, interviews, and group discussions.

  • Production Transcription


    Whether your footage is an interview, walk & talk, an as-broadcast script, or something else, our team is experienced in delivering the right format for you.

  • Audio Transcription


    We’re able to transcribe just about any audio file format. You name the file format for audio transcription – odds are we can transcribe it!

  • Podcast Transcription


    By transcribing your podcast, we help your listeners find the content that you provide by making the podcast searchable.

  • Video Transcription


    Transcribing from nearly all video formats, our project management team produces video transcription at record speed.