Focus Forward’s US-based medical transcribers have years of experience in delivering fast and accurate transcripts for pharmaceutical research.


HIPAA compliance is always an option with our medical transcripts. For more information, visit our HIPAA page.

AUDIO TO TEXT TRANSCRIPTIONAudio to Text Transcription

Since 2003, we have supplied medical transcripts containing heavy medical and pharmaceutical terminology to satisfied clients. We house hundreds of US-based transcribers to transcribe your interviews or focus groups of doctor, patient, caregivers, or hospitalists with accuracy and level of detail needed for your topic.

privacy and securityPRIVACY & SECURITY

We provide a password protected file transfer system allowing you to upload your transcription audio or video safely, and with ease. As all audio is reviewed for accuracy, we also redact confidential information as requested, as we take participant privacy very seriously. Visit our privacy page for more details.

medical transcription rate structureMEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION RATE STRUCTURE

Unlike other transcription companies, our rates are straightforward and do not include hidden costs for difficult audio, challenging accents, or medical terminology. We can work with your budget and provide various transcription formats or your own specific format.
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