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February 2, 2022 Transcription Services

Why Human Transcription is Preferred

Interviews, meetings, podcasts – the list of conversations that a business might need to be transcribed goes on and on. When it’s time to have something transcribed, there are two options from which to choose, human transcription or automated transcription. Both have advantages, but many find that human transcription fits their needs the best. So, while many things today are automated, why is human transcription often preferred? Here are some of the top reasons to consider human transcription for any upcoming projects.

More Accurate

Of course, accuracy is often most people’s number one priority when they need something transcribed. For important transcripts, there can’t be mistakes that can compromise the information. While automated transcriptions are reliable, they aren’t perfect, and machines make mistakes. Humans can provide a level of care when transcribing audio and video files that automation can’t. The human transcribers at FFTranscription proofread every transcript to help avoid mistakes and ensure accuracy.

Background Noise Often Isn’t An Issue

Even in the perfect recording setting, background noise sometimes isn’t avoidable. Human transcription helps get past unwanted noises in recordings. While human transcribers still require clear recordings to provide the best results, something like a car alarm outside isn’t going to confuse the transcriber. If preventing background noise is too challenging, don’t worry. Small interruptions are a part of life in many workplaces, and this won’t hurt the accuracy of our human transcription.

Verbatim Transcriptions

Various situations call for verbatim transcription, which means that dialogue is transcribed word for word. Verbatim transcription leaves nothing out, even things like filler words, grammatical errors, and other slip-ups from speakers that can be edited out in certain transcriptions. When verbatim transcripts are needed, human transcription is the right service. Human transcribers will not miss any details when verbatim transcription is needed, so businesses can feel confident that absolutely everything is included.

Humans Can Decipher Accents and Dialect

There’s a wide range of accents and dialects in the world, and this shouldn’t affect the quality of a transcript. However, automated transcriptions may have a difficult time with this. As humans, we’re familiar with many different accents and dialects and can still comprehend what a speaker is saying, despite these differences. Machines can’t understand accents and dialects like humans can, which means that automated transcriptions can run the risk of making mistakes. This can lead to automated transcripts having inaccurate information if there are difficulties with voices and accents. If this is a concern, it can be easily avoided by choosing human transcription services instead.

Hire Professional Transcribers for Your Transcription Project

For human transcription services you can rely on, you need a transcription company with a team full of professional transcribers. At FFTranscription, our transcribers are committed to providing accurate results for every project and offer several different transcription formats to choose from. We also know that while human transcribers have a lot to offer, there are plenty of situations where automated transcriptions are the better choice. Every transcription project is different, which is why we offer both services.

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