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May 11, 2020 Transcription Services

Transcripts for Business Today

As the world is pivoting to a digital workplace, with social distancing and virtual meetings becoming the norm, many brands have discovered that their online presence is the only storefront accessible to consumers for viewing and purchasing. Given this rise in e-commerce, more industries find themselves relying on transcription services to preserve communication, increase SEO, and help with online consumer transactions.

The Future of Business

Traditionally, the heavier users of transcription were market segments such as health care, consulting, marketing research, education, and research-based industries. But today, transcription services for speech to text solutions can benefit all businesses at a higher level than ever before.

Let’s continue using e-commerce as one example. Branded video content has become central to promoting customer outreach and engagement. Captions and transcripts can drive more traffic to a site, and accuracy and accessibility improve the customer experience, all resulting in a better search ranking.

On a broader scale, FF Transcription can transcribe your speech for podcasts, interviews, training, marketing purposes, video editing and captioning, and e-learning for your products or services.

Reduce Cost and Streamline the Process

Successful businesses need to keep abreast of the current trends, as well as comply with ADA accessibility requirements. Investing in your own speech to text transcription software can be pricey, and technology is constantly changing. Delegating audio files to an employee is not an efficient solution; you’re incurring cost and delays, as the average person only types approximately 40 words per minute.

But there is an answer. When you utilize a trusted business transcription service like FFTranscription, we’ll ensure that your speech to text transcription is cutting edge and accurate.

We know that speech to text transcription can help your company rise above the competition. Not only is it a benefit for your customers, but you are maximizing your workflow visibility, enabling easier management of priorities and turnarounds. From simple tasks like verbalizing your to-do list, to brainstorming sessions with your team and more, speech to text transcription is proving to be the future of the business world, regardless of your specific sector.

Let FFTranscription Take Care of Your Speech to Text Needs

Since 2003, FFTranscription has been helping businesses across the globe with their transcription needs, including podcasters. We understand accuracy is your number one concern, and that’s why we triple proof our work for quality. Easy, fast, and affordable, we have been the leaders in the transcription industry for over 16 years.

If you’re a business owner and you need transcription, don’t wait! Contact FFTranscription today at (215) 367-4040.