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April 1, 2020 Transcription Services

Social Distance Transcribing & The Rise of TDIs

Phone interviews for qualitative research have just become a lot more popular now that we are social distancing. Still, that is a lot of information to process one on one. Connections and insights that would come easily from a group might take a bit more analysis to find. Transcribing your interviews is great support for your research for three main reasons.

1. Reading is faster than listening.

Reading your interviews after they happen for valuable insights is faster than listening to your interviews again. If you have multiple screens at your home office, interviews can be viewed side by side. Looking for that perfect opinion which provides the verbatim voice of the respondent is much easier when going through a written document rather than a sound file. Time is at a premium now as work is a bit more challenging operationally. Transcribing can make your job easier.

2. Word for word opinions are important, now more than ever.

So much communication is nonverbal and happens during in person research, and the experienced moderator makes that part of their analysis and suggestions. Body language and group interaction are all part of the experience. Without those pieces, we have to rely more heavily on the words people use. Having an accurate verbatim account of those words helps support and find those valuable insights. The respondent’s voice gets louder with quotes and, whenever possible, video clips like in our Enhanced Transcription platform.

3. Report writing is made easier as your resources are more individual.

Volumes of TDIs and the overall research project are just easier to go through in the form of a transcribed interview. Many of your support teams are now remote, so sharing the information and also having them help you with insights will be easier when using a transcript instead of the audio file, saving time, cost, and bridging communication at a higher level.

When you trust your phone interview transcription to us, your audio is transcribed by the best of the best. With triple secure data, your research remains private – until you release it to the world. Clients from various industries have trusted us to transcribe over 25 million minutes!  Ready to transcribe your phone interviews with FFTranscription?