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October 16, 2019 Transcription Services

Benefits of Using Transcription Services

Unless you deal with audio and video recordings regularly, many don’t understand the benefits of using transcription services. Sure, an audio recording is valuable, but you may not catch what everyone on the recording has to say. What if you miss an essential piece of information because someone was mumbling? You’ll spend more time rewinding and fast-forwarding than listening to what the speaker has to say!

Having a transcript at your fingertips while listening to the recording can not only help you figure out the critical info but give you an exact time of where on the recording you can find it.

So does your business need a transcript for a recording? Can’t someone in the office just put something together on the fly? Well, yeah, sure, if you want the job done incorrectly! You see, there are many reasons why you should hire a transcription service instead of doing the job yourself. Here are the top five benefits of using transcription services for your recordings.

Benefit One – Experience

The average Joe may think that transcribing is just writing down what’s on a recording, but it’s much more complicated than that. For example, let’s say you have to transcribe an interview with a scientist for an academic researcher. The chances are that the scientist will be using scientific phrases that you probably have never heard before. But, if you use an amateur service or even a random employee, that phrase may be misspelled or wrong altogether! Not good!

Our transcription experts have spent years perfecting the art of transcription. We have experience in various industries, such as legal, medical, and academic. When you choose FFTranscription for your project, rest assured that you’re getting someone who knows your industry and knows the proper terms for your field.

Benefit Two – Time Saver

Did you know it can take up to an hour to transcribe a 15-minute-long recording? It’s true! And that’s for an expert. For someone who doesn’t transcribe for a living, you could be looking at a longer wait time. And, if your recording has muffled speakers, background noise, or even someone with a strong accent, it takes additional time to make sure the transcription is correct.

That’s why you need an experienced transcriptionist to handle the project. Only a professional can swiftly work through bad audio and get you the best transcription possible. At FFTranscription, we can turn a project around within 24 hours!

Benefit Three – Preservation

Sometimes it’s important to keep a backup. Just a push of a button easily deletes a recording. Videos can be erased from existence. And once the recording is gone, it can be complicated or impossible to get it back.

That’s why having a transcript of that recording can be a lifesaver. You never know when you’re going to need that piece of information again!

Benefit Four – Accuracy

Accurate transcription can take time and patience – something that many people don’t have these days. And, if there are issues with the recording, it can be challenging to get an accurate transcript. Wrong words and phrases can easily be written into your transcript, leading to problems down the road.

That’s why you need someone who does it on a routine basis. Our professionals have the training and the skills required to transcribe properly and quickly.

Benefit Five – Overhead Reduction

Hiring an experienced transcription company to handle your transcript can save you money in the end. Most times, transcription jobs are handed to administrative professionals. These professionals usually have many balls in the air and don’t have the time to be as accurate as possible. That means hiring an in-house transcriptionist, which means more costs to your company.

But, by outsourcing your transcription services, you’ll save money on hiring and training costs and get the peace of mind of knowing your transcript is in experienced hands.

Let FFTranscription Help You Focus Forward

Since 2003, FFTranscription has been handling the transcription needs of thousands of businesses across the United States. With over 25 million minutes successfully transcribed for our happy clients, you too can reap the benefits of using transcription services.

Contact us today and let us worry about the details so you can Focus Forward!