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June 22, 2020 Transcription Services

Online Learning in a Coronavirus World

When the pandemic known as COVID-19 spread across the world, universities adjusted quickly by shifting from in-person instruction to online learning. Teachers and students in the United States and elsewhere migrated their courses to the digital realm, and distance learning became the normalized method and practice of teaching, almost overnight.

While this was uncharted territory for some, FFTranscription has been diligently supporting the academic community since 2003, by providing class lecture transcription, inverted//flipped teaching transcription, and dissertation and research interview transcription. Offering audio to text, as well as text to text and translation, our transcription services can help students and educators find the path to global success.

How Academic Transcription Helps COVID-19 Learning

While the novel coronavirus crisis mandated that education facilities move to online formats, many institutions of higher learning already utilize transcription services to support their students and faculty. Here’s why academic transcription can be even more valuable to online learners:

Visual vs. Auditory Learning

It’s long been known that reading, compared to only listening to a lecture, actually doubles memory retention. Information is initially taken in via lecture, and then reinforced in a textual format. Having access to a lecture transcript is an invaluable study tool, useful for making notes, highlighting and review of key points. And let’s face it, a transcript turns a one hour lecture into a 10 minute read.

Likewise for an educator, transcripts from recorded lectures are useful for review of class discussions, student questions and in exam preparation. FFTranscription’s affordable rates, combined with our accuracy guarantee, support the academic world with the results needed for success. Captioning that complies with all ADA requirements is also available for hearing impaired students.

Research Interview Transcription For The Busy Grad Student

Transcription is widely used by students and professional academics to transcribe interviews done for their research and dissertation. FFTranscription quickly puts your audio files from focus groups and anthropological and social interactions into your format or one of our time tested formats. Devote more time to conducting and analyzing your research by utilizing a quality academic transcription service.

If you are pursuing a Doctorate, reach out and contact us about our volume rates with fast turn around and high accuracy.

Academic Transcription with FFTranscription

The experienced team at FFTranscription provides fast, cost-effective transcripts for lectures, podcasts, interviews, and group discussions. In these uncertain times, our services are helping academic institutions overcome the challenges of this new learning environment, and we are proud of the recommendations we receive from the faculty, staff, and students from universities across the US.

If you need transcription services for your academic lectures or research, why don’t you give us a call at (215) 367-4040? We’re ready to handle all the details so you can focus forward!