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June 4, 2020 Transcription Services

Mock Trial Transcription

We know that transcripts are integral to the process in the courtroom. Lawyers review transcripts to help find any nuances or tipping points in the other parties’ defenses, to ensure success for their clients. When it comes to mock trials, transcripts are of equal importance, especially to law students looking to gain valuable practice of litigation skills.

The Value of a Court Transcript

A legal transcriptionist can preserve and document court proceedings from previously recorded audio. Sometimes, a court reporter is not part of the process, so transcripts from the recorded audio are the best option. The ability of a transcriber to rewind and review unclear recordings ensures EXACT verbatim transcription. In addition, timestamps and speaker identification can be added to video or audio evidence presented at trial. Professional transcriptionists have access to security features and cloud hosting for documents.

All of these benefits allow attorneys to easily pull witness testimony and organize the timeline of events, crucial for the preparation of closing arguments. Whether it is in a trial court, or the real thing, transcripts aid the judge and jury in their deliberation process. Perhaps most importantly, transcripts facilitate the preparation of an appeal. Often, the lack of legal transcription can delay the appeals process, or prevent it from happening at all.

Real World Experience In The Safe Environment Of School

Mock trials build a realistic experience for the student, developing important academic skills by using the core of the legal format such as witnesses, evidence, opening and closing statements, and direct and cross examination questions, in a role playing scenario. Analyzing legal transcripts is an effective tool for learning the language arts of a trial: listening and speaking strategies, style and rhetoric.

Creating transcripts of a mock trial serves as both a learning and assessment tool: as a study aid for exams, as preparation for an argument, and by cultivating the mindset of the opposition. Teachers have a tool for evaluating comprehension and growth.

Mock Trial Transcripts Lead To High Quality Work. Let FFTranscription Help.

FFTranscription provides legal transcription services that are accurate and cost-effective for mock juries, wiretaps, depositions, and court tapes. Our legal transcription services include:

  • Depositions
  • Testimonies
  • Official court hearings
  • Interrogations
  • Client letters
  • Legal briefs

If you are in need of transcription for your mock trial, FFTranscription can bring real-world experience to your law students.

Since 2003, FFTranscription has been handling the legal transcription needs of thousands across the United States. With over 33 million minutes successfully transcribed for our happy clients, you, too, can reap the benefits of using transcription services.  Contact us today and let us worry about the details so you can Focus Forward!