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Captions for Audio & Video Content

How to Use Captions to Reach a Global Audience

Today, many businesses are hoping to broaden their horizons and appeal to an audience outside of their own country. With the internet, this is easier than ever. While there can be challenges, captions can help a business ensure that its audio and video content have the best potential at reaching and engaging with more people.

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Importance of Global Communication

The internet makes it easier than ever to reach people around the world, but there are still language barriers that can prevent a business’s audio and video content from being accessible to people in other countries. Businesses that want to appeal to more global demographics need to ensure that their content is as accessible as possible for non-native speakers. Captions are essential for content that is more easily accessible and can help more people understand videos and audio.

Appealing to All Individuals

There are circumstances when individuals may have difficulty following along with audio. There can be a large audience that may benefit from a business’s audio and video content but are unable to enjoy it. Every business that creates audio and video content needs to provide captioning to ensure that those with hearing impairments aren’t prevented from enjoying it and have the opportunity to understand a video in its entirety, to access all of the information. With the usage of captions, the opportunity is possible for a wider group of people to engage with your online content.

Become More Mobile-Friendly

Many people who view videos online are watching them on mobile phones. One study reports that American adults watch an average of 30 minutes of video on their phones each day.

However, it’s important to understand that, when watching videos on their mobile devices, they aren’t going to watch them with sound. Captions make it possible to keep phones on silent and not bother others when watching videos and content on phones. More people are able to enjoy video content without ever having to worry about missing anything in the audio, which increases viewership and engagement.

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