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December 9, 2019 Transcription Services

Five Ways Academic Transcription Makes School Cool

Be Top of The Class!

Excel in learning and stay ahead of the curve. In this digital age, educational institutions are employing the resources of transcription services to better support their students and faculty in their academic endeavors. Whether you are a student, teacher or administrator, everyone is supported with transcripts.

Still not sure how your institution would benefit from transcription services? Let’s check out the top five ways transcripts transform education.

1. Dissertation Research

A dissertation is a long, productive and valiant effort that changes everyone involved.  Time should be spent productively analyzing information, sharing insights and supporting your thesis. Listening to interviews and focus group recordings uses what could be otherwise productive hours.  Transcripts allow you to get to the heart of your dissertation quickly and efficiently.

We know you’re on a tight deadline. While 43.4% of students will not complete their program on time, we do everything we can to make sure nothing stands in your way. Students enjoy our standard 48-hour turnaround to make sure your research stays cutting edge and timely.

2. Make Transcription Another Learning Tool

The average student is balancing a lot more than classwork. Learning While Earning: The New Normal, estimates that over the last 25 years, more than 70 percent of college students have been working while enrolled. With many demands, time is at a premium, and tools that help a student save time and focus on results benefit the overall goals of the student.

How can the institution help guide student success? Lecture, podcast and meeting transcription services can help students review and study their course material while keeping up with their daily demands.

3. Online Engagement

With more institutions going online each year to better serve the evolving college student demographic, having audio recordings and transcriptions for your student body will put you at the top of a student’s college wish list. Students have choices, and institutions that support all styles of learning and time management are in demand.

By offering audio recordings to online learners, students get to experience the in-person class from the comfort of their computer screen.

4. Inverted/Flipped Teaching Transcripts

New to the flipped teaching schedule? In a changing educational landscape, many educators are employing the introverted or flipped teaching style. Students watch lectures from home and learn more deeply in the classroom. Transcripts support this style, and students welcome that additional learning tool.

5. Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

The National Center for Educational Statistics reports somewhere around 20,000 deaf and hard of hearing students attend post-secondary educational institutions each year.

As a university, your first priority should be supporting all students and helping those with challenges feel that the school is part of the solution. For those students who are hearing impaired, utilizing a closed captioning service will make your course catalogue more accessible across the board.  Lecture transcription and text to text and translation are other tools available to reach the most students in the institution’s population.

With the style gaining momentum, it’s of benefit to your institution to be ahead of the trend and enlist the help of transcription services for the modern classroom.

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Academic transcription needs the experience of a professional for lectures, podcasts, interviews, and group discussions. Since 2003, our academic transcription services have been championed by students and professors nationwide.

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