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Why Human?

Human transcription, the process of converting audio or video recordings into written text, offers many benefits to help you get to the insights of your research faster. With humans, like the team at FFT, clients realize many benefits over using an automated program to transcribe.

  1. Accuracy: Our human transcription team provides a higher level of accuracy in transcription compared to ASR. Transcribers understand context, decipher accents, identify speakers, and accurately transcribe specialized terminology or jargon. Human transcribers are also better equipped to handle complex audio with background noise or multiple speakers.
  2. Language nuances: Our human transcribers are adept at capturing the nuances of language with a level of detail that can be crucial for capturing the full meaning and intent of the spoken content.
  3. Contextual understanding: Transcribers can grasp the broader context of a conversation or discussion, which helps in accurately transcribing the content. Our team makes logical connections between ideas and understand references, making the transcript more comprehensive and meaningful.
  4. Editing and proofreading: The transcriber and a team of proofreaders review your transcript and ensure high-quality. This process corrects errors, improves readability, and formats the text appropriately. This attention to detail is valuable when the transcription is intended for professional purposes, like analytics.
  5. Confidentiality and privacy: Human transcription services often prioritize data security and confidentiality. By choosing a reputable provider, like FFT, you can ensure that sensitive information shared in audio or video recordings remains confidential. Automated transcription systems may pose potential privacy risks if the data is stored or processed on external servers.
  6. Customization and flexibility: Human transcribers can adapt to specific client requirements or formatting preferences. They can include speaker identifications, timestamps, or other annotations based on individual needs. This flexibility allows for tailored transcripts that meet the specific needs of the recipient.
  7. Complex content handling: Human transcription is particularly advantageous when dealing with technical or specialized content. Transcribers with subject matter expertise can accurately transcribe content related to medical, legal, scientific, or other complex fields, ensuring accurate representation of terminology and concepts.
  8. Quality control: Professional human transcription services typically have quality control measures in place. Transcripts are reviewed and edited by experienced proofreaders or editors to ensure accuracy and consistency. This additional layer of scrutiny enhances the overall quality of the transcription.

It’s important to note that human transcription may require more time and incur higher costs compared to automated methods. The choice between human transcription and automated systems depends on factors such as the desired accuracy level, complexity of the content, available budget, and time constraints.


If you are searching for high-quality human transcription services, Focus Forward offers fast, accurate deliverables in developer-ready formats. Transcriptions are triple-proofed, precise, easily understood, with options for speakers and captions to be clearly identified. Serving all major industries, we would love to hear about your next transcription project. Enjoy fast standard turnaround, with expedited 24-hr delivery options available. Please use our contact form for custom requests or to start a conversation!