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Pulling Back the Curtain: AI + Human Transcription, What Works – What Doesn’t

Humans supported by AI for transcription, also known as human in the loop transcription, is an approach that combines the expertise and accuracy of human transcribers with the efficiency and automation provided by AI technology. AI tools and algorithms are used to assist human transcribers in the transcription process, improving speed, accuracy, and overall productivity.

Today, one and two speaker audio transcription can greatly benefit in accuracy and speed by giving the transcriber more time for quality assurance by having an automated first draft. When there are more than four speakers, automation may hinder, rather than help.

Pulling back the curtain, this is how the improved process works…

  1. Audio processing: Audio files are first processed using AI algorithms to enhance audio quality, remove background noise, and improve speech clarity. This preprocessing step helps optimize the audio for better transcription accuracy.
  2. Automated speech recognition (ASR): AI-based speech recognition technology is employed to automatically transcribe the audio into text. ASR algorithms use machine learning techniques to convert spoken words into written text.
  3. Human transcriptionists: After the initial automated transcription, human transcribers review and edit the generated text to ensure accuracy, correct errors, and make necessary adjustments. They have the advantage of linguistic knowledge, context understanding, and the ability to handle complex language nuances that AI may struggle with.
  4. Quality control: Quality control measures are implemented to ensure the final transcriptions meet the desired standards. Our team is proofreading, editing, and employing a stringent review process to address any remaining errors or inconsistencies.

It’s important to note that while AI technology can aid in the transcription process for up to 3 speakers, human transcribers and QA are crucial to ensure quality, context, and accuracy in transcriptions. The combination of human expertise and AI assistance provides an optimal balance for efficient and reliable transcription services.

If you are searching for high-quality human transcription services, Focus Forward offers fast, accurate deliverables in developer-ready formats. All our data is digital & we use AI to support, not replace, humans. The results – the fastest most accurate transcripts available. We would love to hear about your next transcription project. Please use our contact form to start a conversation!