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Connect via our API for the fastest service and the easiest transfer of audio. Simple to set up, triple secure and guaranteed accuracy, our API clients enjoy the highest service level. The most efficient speech to text process around, we have dedicated API corporate solutions support that fits your budget and timeline. Corporate solution API clients also enjoy the highest customization transcripts, volume based rates and monthly invoices.

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API Specifications:


Method: Post

Parameters (JSON string):

fileId: unique file identifier that client system will understand for notification passbacks (required)

authtoken: a unique client-specific token to authenticate the request as coming from your system. Will be provided at setup.


We can accept either URLs to media files or direct uploads. Based on that preference, one of the following would be required:

mediaURL: Direct URL to recording file

file: upload content of the recording file


Any additional parameters that you’d need to identify your files can also be included. Any parameters received other than those listed above will be treated as “pass-through” parameters and will be included in any return calls but not handled by our system.

Return call with completed transcripts customized to the format and parameters of your platform.

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