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December 1, 2021 Transcription Services

Why You Should Caption Social Media Videos

With video marketing increasing in popularity in recent years, companies have shifted their methods of releasing content to accommodate this change. In 2020, adults in America watched over an hour and a half of digital videos on devices per day. Companies began viewing this statistic as an opportunity to appeal to their audiences with videos on mobile devices and social media platforms. There are many best practices for increasing accessibility, viewership, or retention, but one element to consider that can boost all three is through implementing captioning.

Here are the most compelling reasons to start using captions in social media videos.

Many People Don’t Turn Their Sound On

With an increasing number of viewers keeping their devices on silent when they watch content, captions can allow for a greater reach of viewership.

When scrolling through social media, especially in a public place, the majority of people would be more inclined to rely on captions than disturb others by turning on the audio. Unless a person is using headphones on their device or is willing to switch back and forth between sound and silence, captions provide a more convenient method of viewing content. Recognizing this, providing captions with video content can be monumentally helpful for increasing viewership on a larger scale.

Captions Can Be Easier to Follow Along With

Considering that there are several methods of learning when it comes to remembering content, incorporating captions can allow for a greater retention of your content among viewers.

Whether a person is an auditory-based learner or understands content best when reading it themselves, providing captions allows for viewers to be exposed to the content in multiple ways, creating a longer-lasting impact on viewers.

It Helps Your SEO

While people can watch videos and understand them, search engines can’t. This is important to understand because, if search engines don’t understand the context of a video, they won’t have anything to do with it. This means that videos won’t have the reach companies expected them to have. Although search engines cannot recognize individual words in the dialogue, captions can help. Search engines can read the text included in videos with captions, which can do wonders to bolster the accessibility and reach of a given video.

Captions are Inclusive

To ensure accessibility with viewers, videos with any type of audio require captions so that they become accessible for individuals with hearing impairments. Including captions assures that people who may have difficulty understanding the content will have the same opportunities to enjoy the content. Ensuring that content is inclusive and everyone can enjoy it should always be a priority for businesses.

Captioning Made Easy with FFTranscription

Captioning social media videos is an extremely easy process with the right outsourcing services. At FFTranscription, we take care of captioning for businesses, so it couldn’t be easier or faster. Video marketing is not going anywhere, and captioning services can help make it more effective.

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