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April 6, 2020 Transcription Services

Transcripts – Save Time & Increase Impact

In our quickly changing world, everyone is juggling a lot! From kids at home, to work from home, to preparing all your meals instead of going out –  time is more challenging than ever to find. Working in your business from recorded audio that is not transcribed takes valuable time to review, process, and gain insights.  Professional transcription is a fast and easy solution to use the audio that you have to move your business forward and create results with speed and accuracy.

How long does it take to transcribe one hour of audio?

One option is to consider typing audio internally. While this is possible, the average human can speak 125 words per minute and can type 40-60 words per minute. A one hour audio recording will often take 3-4 hours to type, based on a number of factors unrelated to the transcriptionists themselves.

Transcription time can be slowed down by:

  • A poor quality audio file
  • Background noises
  • Multiple speakers in the recording
  • Speakers with heavy accents
  • Extended required research to correctly identify places, terminology, etc. for the subject matter
  • Speakers talking over one another and the speed at which they do so

FFTranscription has the equipment and expertise to resolve audio challenges in the fastest time with the highest quality result. Where we have no additional charges for audio quality issues, if you plan to type files internally, there are some tips to make this easier on your team.

For the best quality audio files, have your team consider:

  • Reducing background noise
  • Speaking slowly and clearly during the recording, and remind your team to do the same
  • Checking your equipment to ensure it is set up correctly
  • Maintaining a consistent volume and tone when possible

Whether you choose to type files internally or select a company to be helpful, considering the cost, result, speed and impact should all be factors in determining a balance of time and cost.

Since 2003, FFTranscription has been handling the transcription needs of thousands of businesses across the United States. With over 25 million minutes successfully transcribed for our happy clients, you too can reap the benefits of using transcription services.  Contact us today and let us worry about the details so you can Focus Forward!