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February 17, 2020 Transcription Services

Transcribing Research On the Road

When your marketing research is not at a focus group facility, audio and video conditions may not be ideal for your project to get the best quality transcripts. Steps can be taken to make sure your team has the best possible audio and video, even when a professional outsourced team is not possible.

1. Check for Hidden Noise

Sometimes a cough, a sneeze, or a pencil falling will show up in your audio, and that is expected. Hidden noise can be an air conditioner or heating system. The human ear misses it but the audio recording can make if feel overemphasized. Refrigerators, copiers, and vending machines have compressors that run nonstop. Before your interview starts, pay attention to the white noise.

But how can you reduce background noise? Be sure to record 10 minutes of room tone so when you edit your recordings, your software can tell what clean noise is.

2. Speak Slowly and Clearly for Better Transcripts

The clearer you talk and the less crosstalk and interruptions, the better the transcripts. In a group, the less frequently people talk over each other, the more everyone is able to discern full and complete opinions and thoughts. This is great for research and for the transcripts.

Video helps as well, whenever possible. If you are using video, you have the advantage of seeing what the speaker is saying.

3. Position the Microphone Correctly

When interviewing large groups of individuals as you may in market research focus groups, positioning of equipment is key. If using a round table format, make sure to place your microphone in the middle of the group.

A common problem for transcribers is that those close to the microphone are very clear and those who are farther from the recording device are harder to hear. If possible, for large groups, have more than one microphone.

4. Watch Your Volume & Vocal Tone – Quality Transcripts

When we speak, our volume may naturally fluctuate to show inflection and emotion. But that can cause issues with your audio if the voice levels vary too much.

Utilizing technology like audio limiters can help create an even variant of vocal volume.

5. No Cost for Silence

Check with your transcription firm to make sure that the sound minutes only count when someone is speaking. On the road, it is more likely there is dead sound, where no one is talking, than professionally recorded in a focus group facility. Transcription firms should only charge for the minutes when there is actually something to be transcribed vs. the length of the sound file.

6. When it’s Time to Transcribe, Go With FFTranscription!

Now that you have crystal-clear audio and video, it’s time to have pristine transcription. From straight audio to video, we master it all. Our industry specialists zero in on the exact nuances of each type of transcript.

Since 2003, FFTranscription has been handling the transcription needs of thousands of businesses across the United States. With over 25 million minutes successfully transcribed for our happy clients, you too can reap the benefits of using transcription services.

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