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moderator of focus group talking
November 22, 2019 Market Research

Top 4 Ways a Great Moderator Helps Your Transcript

Many elements are part of the quality of your transcript including the sound, background noise, cross talk and the firm you select to transcribe. Still, those elements are not everything that plays a part in the best transcript. Although you may not always think about it, how the moderator conducts the group can play a large part in the quality of the transcripts!

Great Moderators Increase Transcript Quality too!

Since the moderator will be the one in the room, how the conversation flows and what aspects are included can go a long way in supporting the best transcript possible. In our experience typing for groups that are held in great spaces, like focus group facilities or created spaces like a car in a drive-through or a hotel conference room, the moderator can support transcripts by these four easy steps:

  • Making sure the background noise is at a minimum so it can’t interfere with the transcribing. Eliminate music in a car or any noise that is not part of the research. A background of silence if the best canvas for a transcript.
  • Identifying group participants by name when speaking to them, so the transcriber will know who is talking. Not all projects need the speaker identified, but for those that do, it helps to use names in the research. When there is a video we can see the people, but often we work off just the audio so say names, when you can.
  • Putting an end to all side conversations or multiple people speaking all at once, which may have nothing to do with the research. Cross talk or side chats are hard to separate from the research and we type it all! One person speaking is the best for transcripts.
  • Say what they said! It helps people generally and bridges understanding, plus it is great for transcripts too. Providing a summary of a participant’s answer, to assist in the flow of the conversation, always helps us create the most accurate transcript of the research.

Your moderator is the best person to determine how the conversation should happen for insights for the brand. When it’s possible, include some, or all, of our four easy steps to great transcripts of the research, but only if it supports the research goals. Have a great project!

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