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July 27, 2020 Transcription Services

The Value of Medical Transcription to Pandemic Research

Our world is still grappling with the turmoil of the novel coronavirus, which means many medical facilities are still trying to keep up with the influx of patient data and medical findings. But when you’re on the frontlines and need safe, fast, and secure medical transcription, FFTranscription has you covered.

Medical Transcription Services

Medical research facilities, specialty clinics, outpatient care centers…all have a lot on their plate in these tumultuous and fast changing times. How can a medical transcription service like FFTranscription help? Take a look!

Transcribing Clinical Trials

Today, more than ever, we are hearing about the importance of clinical trials to find new ways to detect, diagnose and reduce the chances of developing a disease. They are a key research tool for developing medical knowledge and treatment strategies. The urgency in the midst of the COVID pandemic to expedite these trials means pharmaceutical and medical device companies can benefit even more from transcription services to accurately and quickly document their lab notes, clinical charts and recorded data from videos, interviews and group discussions.

Medical transcription services provide high quality reporting of data, which in turn facilitates the analysis and verification process. Proper documentation also is required to prove that the trials were conducted in accordance with regulatory standards and best ethical practices.

FFTranscription medical transcription services aid researchers and pharmaceutical companies by streamlining source data, allowing them to verify that the findings from the clinical trials actually advance the intended purpose, saving valuable time, resources and certainly expenditures.

Medical Transcription Specialists

Medical research transcription may involve complex medical terminology, new technologies and drug classifications. Our highly trained medical transcription specialists have years of experience in a variety of research methods and formats from focus groups and interviews between researchers and their subjects, to medical expert interactions, even providing support for Ph.D./doctoral program students.

This specific discipline and knowledge base allows FFTranscription’s team to provide the most precise, detailed transcripts for medical research, as well as offer important services such as time stamping and redaction of health information.

Security and HIPPA Compliance

Professional medical transcription companies know that security is just as important as accuracy. Our human, 100% US based transcribers sign non-disclosure agreements, and our password-protected file transfer system ensures HIPPA compliance.

Knowing that the failure to protect your trial participants’ confidential health information could incur legal action and penalties, FFTranscription offers multiple safeguards in our technology and working procedures to keep your data safe and secure.

Focus Forward Your Medical Transcription with FFTranscription!

When a major health event happens, pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical clientele need all hands available to keep systems moving, patients in check, and safety at the forefront. FFTranscription has valuable medical transcription services needed during this uneasy time.

Since 2003, we have provided transcription services necessitating the knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical terminology, and our satisfied clients know their research is safe in our hands.

If you’re in need of medical transcription for pharmaceutical research or patient data, you can trust the professionals at FFTranscription to provide you with accurate and confidential transcription. Why don’t you give us a call at (215) 367-4040? We’re ready to handle all the details so you can focus forward on your clients’ needs!