Our Relationships Count

Since 2003, we have enjoyed transcribing for thousands of clients around the world. FFTranscription clients come from all the full spectrum of people who need transcription to achieve their goals. We work with Fortune 500 firms, college students, television networks, focus group facilities, lawyers, physicians, the government… you name it and we have done it! While our clients are all very different, they all share a need for accurate, reliable, and cost effective transcription from our friendly and knowledgeable project management team.

How do we know? We ask! We call, we write, we check in on our service and how we can continuously make the experience better and better. We picked a few of our recent happy reviews to share!

marc testimonial
ESPN Testimonial
Gartner Testimonial
UBC Testimonial
The Ohlmann Group Testimonial
Keyquest Health Testimonial
Hall & Partners Testimonial
Mind The Gap Testimonial
TnT Insights Testimonial
7 Sense Testimonial
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schmidt testimonial

Let us worry about the details, so you can focus forward.

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