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March 9, 2020 Transcription Services

Podcast Transcripts and Search Engine Optimization

For many of us, nothing passes the time on a long commute home better than a podcast. As market researchers, we are continually learning and sharing the insights of our industry. We also follow leadership podcasts that speak to us about running our companies, leadership or company culture.

Those who create podcasts are supporting all of us in our journey! If you have a podcast, did you know it can help your company’s website ranking on Google as well? Yes! It can. We strive to make it easier for content to be found, podcasts included.

The Basics of SEO

In a previous blog, we made a quick mention of how podcast transcripts can help your search engine optimization efforts. But what does that mean? What is search engine optimization?

Better known as SEO, search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of your website’s traffic by improving the visibility of your website’s pages on search engines, such as Google. This traffic is called organic, because unlike the ads we see at the top of a search engine results page, the listings that follow underneath are unpaid.

There is a bit of science to SEO, so much so that there are professional marketers who spend their entire careers trying to learn the secrets of getting to the top of the pack. Many factors go into SEO – user experience on the site, the speed of a web page, how many other websites link to that site – but one of the top factors has to do with the content on your website. Not only the text, but videos, images, and yes, even audio recordings!

But Wait! How Does the Search Engine Know How to Rank My Podcast?

Search engines use something called a spider bot to crawl through your company’s website and learn what a particular page is about to rank it correctly for certain search queries. One of the items the crawler uses to make this decision is examining the keywords or phrases used in the text – such as the transcript of your latest podcast.

Here is an example of what we’re talking about:

Let’s say your company is a marketing research firm and you’re trying to increase the number of clients. Leadership decides to create a podcast sharing industry information that might be helpful to others who are in your similar space or could be users of your service.

The podcast is submitted to various platforms throughout the internet and put on the company website. Although people are listening to the podcast, website rankings do not increase. What steps can be taken?

Add a transcript on the page the podcast is on with the text in the page. Experience an increase in web traffic. Suddenly, that podcast is listed on Google and website rankings have increased for certain search terms.

That is the power of what transcripts will do for your website and your podcast!

Let FFTranscription Take Care of That Podcast Transcript!

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