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December 17, 2019 Transcription Services

Legal Transcription Services Offers Efficiency with Human Touch

If you’re a lawyer on a case, you and your support team have a lot to manage when it comes to a trial. Not only are you trying to serve your clients, but you’re also developing and gathering collateral materials to win the case.

But those documents such as depositions, testimonies, official court hearings, interrogations, client letters, legal briefs, and general correspondence are time-consuming to gather.

That’s where we come in. By seeking the service of legal transcription, your documents will be ready for your case in no time.

What’s the difference between a court reporter and a legal transcription service?

Your firm may be wondering why you need a legal transcription service when you can use the transcript of the court reporter. However, that won’t be useful in all cases.

Court reporters, or shorthand reporters, are present in the courtroom and provide verbatim documentation of what is said. For a long time, lawyers thought this was the only option available to them.

But now with legal transcription, your official court hearings can be transcribed from audio to text at a much more affordable and timely rate.

Human interaction in a digital era.

Technology is still not at the level of accountability it needs to be when it comes to voice to text services like Siri and Alexa, as we’ve all experienced the unfortunate voice to text errors that leave us typing explanation texts back.

But sometimes relying solely on one person can be disastrous. In an article by The Marshall Project, the use of court reporters proved problematic when reporters could not clearly transcribe what was being said by individuals who spoke in cultural or regional dialects. In such cases, the misheard speech could actually have negative impacts on the trial.

While the stance still remains that the end goal is the fairest trial for defendants, it begs the question: how do we ensure the best result?

How legal transcription works for you.

At FFTranscription, we are a technology-driven company with the human touch needed to ensure quality. In our professional transcript format, we provide a word-for-word account of the speech within the audio file. We then triple proof our transcriptions to ensure accuracy for your needs.

We know every word, every vocalization, can be integral to the legal process. For that reason, we give the option to include all utterances in the transcription.

Need your files fast? Not a problem. We have an efficient turnaround based upon the audio file’s time and offer rush options if you’re on a deadline.

Let FFTranscription Help You With Your Legal Transcription Needs

If you’re in need of legal transcription for mock juries, wiretaps, depositions, and court tapes, you can trust the professionals at FFTranscription. Since 2003, our legal transcription services have been ahead of market trends.

If you need legal transcription services, why don’t you give us a call at (215) 367-4040? We’re ready to handle all the details so you can focus forward on your clients’ needs!