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HIPPA Transcriptions
December 30, 2019 Transcription Services

HIPAA Transcription That You Can Rely On

When it comes to HIPAA, privacy and compliance is essential. For patients, medical practices and those participating in marketing research, transcripts are required to protect that privacy as well. How to balance HIPAA with costs and efficiency is a critical choice your company may need to make.

With most transcription firms using hundreds of 1099 transcribers, your transcription firm needs proprietary software and complete control of the audio. HIPAA is not possible when files are uploaded and downloaded. With our TOPS system, for example, all transcribers type in our platform, which ensures that privacy is kept intact.

HIPAA compliance has a number of requirements which include:

  • Medical transcriptionists must have signed confidentiality agreements.
  • All transcribers are assigned unique usernames and passwords, enabling us to know which transcriptionists have worked on every document.
  • HIPAA transcripts can not be sent via email. Email is not a HIPAA-compliant method of transmitting medical records.
  • All voice and text files be encrypted and password protected.
  • Servers should be in an ISO certified data center for maximum protection and security.

Since 2003, we have supplied medical transcripts containing heavy medical and pharmaceutical terminology to satisfied clients with PHI information protected.

If you’re in need of medical transcription for pharmaceutical research or patient data, you can trust the professionals at FFTranscription to provide you with accurate and confidential transcriptions. Why don’t you give us a call at (215) 367-4040? We’re ready to handle all the details so you can focus forward on your clients’ needs!