File Transfer & Storage Security

All files are stored on Egnyte file storage management. Each client is provided a unique, password-protected space and all files are maintained for 3 months on this site.

The Egnyte network and all communications – both in and out – are protected by best-of-class firewall and router technology, strong SSL encryption and a Network Intrusion Detection System that monitors and proactively blocks worms, hackers, sniffers and other undesirables. Every data request is authenticated, first by domain, then by username and password. Folder structure contains read/write/delete access permissions, enabling you to invite suppliers, customers and business partners to share data with confidence, since you have complete control over their access rights.

Our servers are hosted at Type II, SAS 70 compliant collocation facilities that features 24-hour manned security, biometric access control, video surveillance and physical locks. Egnyte further ensures your data is secure with redundant independent storage units using RAID 6.

The file storage management is compliant with industry security and privacy requirements including HIPAA, EU Safe Harbor, and US SEC Financial Services Rules 17-a, 31-a2, and 204-2.  HIPAA Complaint.

Egnyte maintains two US-based datacenters, one located on the west coast and the other on the east coast. Its Security and Privacy Policy is available here.

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