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July 20, 2020 Market Research

Empathy in Qualitative Recruiting

Our clients and the brands that have entrusted them to find insights and ways to understand how their products and services exist and are perceived in the market are of great value to us. As qualitative recruiters though, we are truly a hub between many spokes.

More than ever, people want to share and be understood. When we are screening a person, it’s a conversation, and stopping that conversation short can be more disappointing than in previous times. Empathy and understanding of the respondent’s hopes and excitement is critical!  This mindset and awareness is an ever growing important part of what we do as a team.

We have four ways that we believe are important in empathetic recruitment.

1. Value a person’s time, the conversation and the sharing

Our team works to really thank the person for sharing, even if he doesn’t fit this project or the part that he fits happens to be full at this time. It can disappointing to answer many questions, only to not take the next step forward in the conversation that seemed to be going so well.  We convey that maybe this is not the right project but there are other options, such as applying for other studies that are interesting on our twitter.

2. What DO we have that they might fit perfectly today?

If the respondent is engaging, articulate, excited – but not perfect for this research, our recruiters are versed in several of the projects in field now. Would a different project be a fit? We are human “routers.”  When we have someone on the phone that seems amazing, our recruiters have options for projects.

3. Client service is for respondents, too

We answer the emails and calls of our respondents who have questions or incentives check inquiries. They are our clients, too! Respondents are a big part of why we are here, and their importance is paramount to our team. They have many avenues to contact us, including personal emails to the executive team, and we answer their questions.  Our respondents are valued as members of our team.

4. We online screen to the fullest extent possible first.

We online prescreen for every possible project, and we encourage all profile builders to be completed. Online screening is faster, less intrusive and just a touch less personal, and we believe that the ‘no’ might not hit as hard emotionally. If a respondent online screens as a good fit for a project, we are really optimistic when we call them and, if it doesn’t work for this one, we do try to find a project that will fit, including any upcoming ones.

After seventeen years of evolving our nationwide recruiting, the executive team and everyone at Focus Forward has learned, grown and changed.  Respondent empathy has always been important to us, and we have changed our service in many ways over nearly two decades. Today, as recruiters, we are even more acutely aware of the importance, and our business reflects how we feel we can be the most supportive.  We are focused forward on your next experience together with us as we select amazing respondents for your project!