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Edited Summarized Transcripts
January 6, 2020 Transcription Services

Edited Summarized Transcripts

Clients need transcripts. Still, making the right cost choices means you can stretch your budget a bit further without sacrificing impact. Edited Summarized transcription means the respondent is word for word and the moderator is summarized.

Who uses Edited Summarized?

One Moderator – If one moderator is doing all the groups, typing what the moderator says word for word can be costly and not really provide a research benefit.

Discussion Guide – Questions that are in a discussion guide and prepared and used as-is for the focus groups. While there may be value in the exact words as they are asked, many clients don’t require that exact specificity. If this is you, then edited might be the right choice.

IDIs & TDIs – Repetitive questions like those in an IDI or TDI may be well served by typing a summary of the question and the respondent word for word.

For all of these types of clients and projects, Edited Summarized transcripts can retain the research impact of transcripts while saving some budget room for other goals that might benefit from additional research dollars.

The Benefits of Edited Summarized Transcripts


Designed so that the moderator’s portion of the interview is edited and summarized while the participant’s speech is word for word. Keeps the transcript shorter while retaining all of the insights and impact.

If needed, you also have the option to add timestamps and speaker identification to your format so you know who is speaking and when.

Low Cost at High Value

Because we only transcribe what you need, you’re not only getting a concise transcript, you’re also getting a higher valued end service at a lower cost. The focus is on the respondent speech and making sure that all elements are there so quotes can be pulled from the research.

Security remains the same

You’re trusting us with your confidential files. That’s why we take your privacy seriously.

We use a divided audio system, meaning our transcribers only hear 10 or 20 minutes of the audio versus the full two-hour focus group. Your research is secure. Our transcribers and full team also sign non-disclosure agreements for added protection for our clients.

Protecting your files is also important. Our storage system is top-notch–with the control always being in your and our hands–never outsourced.

Want to see what an Edited Summarized Transcript looks like before you decide? Take a look at all of our available formats with sample templates.

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