podcast microphone and transcription notepad

Why You Should Use A Podcast Transcript

Did you know that an average podcast listener listens to seven different shows per week? Approximately 51 percent of the U.S. population (roughly 165 million people) have listened to a podcast, with 32 percent of Americans listening every…
transcription service benefits

Benefits of Using Transcription Services

Unless you deal with audio and video recordings regularly, many don’t understand the benefits of using transcription services. Sure, an audio recording is valuable, but you may not catch what everyone on the recording has to say. What if you…
machine vs automated transcription

Machine vs. Human Transcription: Which is the Best Method?

Does this sound familiar? You’re driving to an important meeting, and you’re not entirely sure how to get there. Not wanting to take your eyes off the road, you call out, “Hey Siri! How do I get to XYZ headquarters?” Instead of receiving…
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