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October 14, 2020 Transcription Services

Save Time! 5 Transcription Tasks to Outsource Today

Time is so important! It is the most valuable asset you have, and how you spend your day moving your company and your clients forward is important. There are many tasks you can outsource, but did you know all the ways a transcription company can help? There are five time consuming tasks that you can outsource to a transcription company immediately, at a low cost and high value to your team.

#5 Translation

Accuracy is so important, and that can be time-consuming for someone, to ensure accuracy while taking care of translation at your company. Both companies and individuals often rely on artificial intelligence software to handle their translation needs. While some forms are better than others, artificial intelligence still cannot replace the human capability of understanding language nuances in dialect, accents, and idioms.

Consider this: you’ve conducted an interview with a person who responds saying, “It was raining cats and dogs!” While in English, we know that it means it was pouring outside. But would someone who spoke Hindi know what that means?

When you use Google Translate to translate, “It’s raining cats and dogs” to Hindi, it becomes “moosalaadhaar baarish” which loosely means torrential rain. But that doesn’t create the same impact, does it? No, not really.

A human translator recognizes common phrases or ways to evoke that same emotion, without writing phrases you don’t actually mean or that a foreign audience wouldn’t understand.

#4 Editing Documents

When you’ve spent hours writing and editing your own work, there is a strong likelihood that errors may be missed here and there. While the document can be saved and reviewed again later, editing your own work can be challenging, and doing it for others is time consuming.

That’s where you can outsource. Editing and proofreading are fast and easy when you engage a transcription company that does it all in-house. From presentations to papers, manuals to scripts, think of what else could be accomplished when your time isn’t spent fine tuning punctuation and grammar.

#3 Data Entry

Whether your data is gathered from studies, in-depth interviews, or surveys from market research, creating an electronic record may be important.

Outsourcing your data entry to another company can help create the time needed for the more crucial job of analyzing the data once it’s been recorded.

#2 Preparing Presentations & Video Clips

Just like decoding data can be a time-consuming process, so can preparing presentations and video clips. Still, what if we told you it didn’t have to be?

Take a look at how outsourcing your files to FFTranscription via our Enhanced Interactive Transcript puts information in a concise format at your fingertips. Review our video on how it works in a few simple steps!

#1 Transcribing

Did you know it can take 3-4 minutes for a highly skilled transcriber to type one sound minute?  This means that typing one hour of sound will take an average person 4 hours. And, it will take longer for an unskilled typist to navigate accents of speakers, poor audio files, and an understanding of the nuances that go into creating polished transcripts. The cost of outsourcing one hour of sound to be typed is low, and very cost effective.

By outsourcing your transcription needs, there is cost savings and increased quality.

Outsourcing Made Easy: FFTranscription

If you don’t have the manpower or hours in the day needed to get through all of your tasks, it’s time to consider calling the professionals–FFTranscription!

Since 2003, FFTranscription has been expertly transcribing for thousands of businesses and researchers across the United States. If you need transcription services, proofreading, or translation services, why don’t you give us a call at (215) 367-4040? We’re ready to handle all the details so you can focus forward!