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March 23, 2020 Transcription Services

4 Reasons to Caption Videos​

Staying at the top of the search engine rankings means websites and content have to be top-notch. Engaging and frequently refreshed content helps drive new and repeat traffic to your site.  One such way to keep your content a step above the competition is video.

When using media for your company or client, you need the power of the slow scroll and that’s where video impacts your site. Still, adding video isn’t enough. Sites need captions for the maximum benefit.

Consider looking through Facebook. A video appears. At first, sound is not there and just moving images are visible. Click on the video and sound plays. When in a crowded space with no headphones, listening to the video can be impossible. The typical behavior is to leave the video and not return.

Captions solve when sound is unable to be heard. There are four main reasons captions support social media videos and increase SEO value.


Captions give your viewers, followers, and subscribers more reason to interact with your content. Simply reading the captions on the video and tapping to fully hear the content can be an immersive experience. Liking and commenting on the video are frequent next steps which boost social presence.

Videos are ranked and indexed by the Google search spiders helping boost SEO and increase searchability. Completing a simple captioning on social media videos opens sites to more fans and potential clients and customers.


Captions are important for Americans with disabilities. When it comes to accessibility, sites benefit when viewers of all abilities can enjoy and interact with the content. Particularly if a viewer is deaf or hard of hearing, the addition of captions on social media video will allow enjoyment of the content.


Reading helps engage a user when it is not possible to listen to the sound or headphones are inaccessible.  Reading not only can commit the content to memory in a different way, it may also be the only way to enjoy the full content in the moment. Make your site as easy as possible for social media followers with audio and visual content. By adding captions, viewers can enjoy content literally wherever they are — even if they can’t crank the sound up to the max.

Language Barriers

According to the 2017 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey, more than one in five people living in America speak a language other than English at home, while more than one in 10 speaks Spanish.

That’s quite a few people who may benefit from captions on your videos. With English not being the first language of many individuals, having the use of captions as a way to bridge those language gaps is huge.

Be it a thick accent or fast speaking, the captions will allow your viewer to follow along even if the language is typically a barrier for them when it comes to engaging with social media content.

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